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June 2013 Club News

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Gymkhana at Colin & Leanne’s

by Antoinet Glazema

Don gets the BMW going.
Club members and families started to arrive at 2 pm on Saturday the 4th of May. Ronnie and Colin had thought of some fun games for the gymkhana and the lamb was being roasted on the spit.

Doing the newspaper run.
There was a good crew for all the games like: riding over the plank, the paper run, slalom and musical chairs. There were no chairs for this game though.

Balls in a haystack.
Ronnie had bought 2 bales of hay and had pulled them apart. He had hidden 8 bocci balls in the hay and they had to be found by the people on the backs of the motorbikes.

Spectators became participants.
The weather was great and we all had so much fun. Lots of people had come down from Perth for the party and others had come from different towns in the south west to have fun and a good laugh.

Lamb on the spit.
Colin had some great fires going and the lamb was ready and the sausages were cooked. There were lots of salads to choose from and the meal was enjoyed by all while we caught up with other members and their families.

Colin and Leanne have got a great spot and I would like to thank them for their hospitality. Hopefully we can do it again next year?

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