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April 2013 Club News

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Stirlings - Wellstead Ride

By Antoinet Glazema

Jack, Andy, Bob, Jim, Gerry and Colin.
Lots of members showed up at the information centre. Great turnout for a great ride. We left to go to Stirlings Café to have our first stop. Chris had problems with her Ducati and had to turn around to go back home. A bit later the bike stopped completely and Bob had to go and get her with the car and trailer.

After our morning tea break we headed for Boxwood Hills, it got a bit warm, 30 degrees at the roadhouse. We had our lunch there and caught up with people we hadn’t seen for a while.

Club members listening intently as Steven explains
          his craftsmanship.
Chester knew a guy who is building a replica Spitfire out of wood. We rode to his place not far from Wellstead to have a look. Amazing - what a great project. Steven has been working (in his spare time) on the plane for the last 6 years. Ronnie told all the ladies who were on the ride never to complain again if their husbands are in the shed for a couple of hours in the evening.

Admiring the work Steven had put into his replica
It had gotten pretty cloudy and very windy by now. On the way here we found Ian Jury’s lid of the pannier in the middle of the road, it had blown off in the strong winds. Most of us put our wet weather gear on because we thought we would be in for a bit of rain. The temperature had dropped down to 19 degrees by now. We did get some rain but it wasn’t not too bad at all.

A great day and by the time Ronnie and I got home we had done 340 kilometres.

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