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April 2013 Club News

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Club Tuning Day and Sausage Sizzle

B&W photos by John Mc

A busy tuning day with Garry’s Ariel, Charlie’s BSA
          and Mike’s BMW on the bench.
The tuning day and sausage sizzle was a success with plenty of members turning up despite it being a bit wet for a while. Six bikes were worked on with and plenty of sausages were cooked on the BBQ, courtesy of Heather, Ian and Marilyn.

Mike and Andy working on the HP2.
Good to see Mike and Isabelle who are travelling around in their fifth-wheeler mobile home. Mike did a service on his HP2 BMW.

People chatting hard outdoors.
I’d like to thank Phil and Ronnie who changed a wheel on my sidecar outfit as my back was a bit crook and I hadn’t been able to do it. See you all next time.

Lovely BSA single in the yard.
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