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April 2013 Club News

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Barb and Wes perpared for take-off.
Wes Thomas sent in a picture of himself and Barb, Easter 1975.

“We were just leaving Busselton, after a friends 21st... Easter Monday I think. A friend sent me this picture about 10 years ago. He’d found it amongst some old slides.

When we left Borden from Bet and Des’ place, apparently, Bet thought she would never see Barb again.
We travelled through Broomehill, Kojonup, Boyup Brook and Bridgetown for lunch.

Between Bridgetown and Nannup, we were cruising sort of quickly, you know lovely weather, bird on the back. Hit a ninety degree corner, at about 120-130... and just about ground off the centre-stand, on the left hand side.

Naturally, it was a bit subdued after that.”

Thanks Wes, great picture and story.

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