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April 2013 Club News

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Indian/Harley Rally 2013

Story/Pics: Antoinet

Ronnie discussing Spencer’s 1917 Harley Davidson
Another great event, lots of people, great food, good company and very nice rides. Ronnie and I had driven up to Bunbury this time, we had the bikes on the trailer. Ronnie’s parents were coming over from Holland and we were going to pick them up after the rally.

Andrew and Wendy had arrived already from Perth and had set up camp. Later on in the afternoon/evening more club members arrived from Perth. We had a barbeque the first night and enjoyed the home-cooked meals on the Saturday night. All the ladies and gentlemen from the IHC had done another great job cooking all the meals for the Saturday night.

Ronnie, Wendy, Andrew and John.
The rides were great too, we had chosen to do the short course for the Saturday and it was very interesting going through the countryside. Lunch in Busselton near the jetty, beautiful fish burgers they have there.

On Sunday we had another nice ride with morning tea in Donnybrook. We had a bit of rain but it dried up quick enough. Lunch was very nice at the club rooms and we stayed for the presentation before we drove up to Perth.

Once again a great rally. Next year is the 40th so hopefully some more club members will go and join us for that one.

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