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April 2013 Club News

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Bears, Bison and BMW Part 4 - continued from last issue

By Antoinet Glazema

Motorcycle laws in Wyoming.We got up early the next morning, packed up the bike and headed towards Sturgis. The scenery was nice to start off but turned into very boring and hot later on. As soon as we arrived in the state of South Dakota it turned green, lots of trees and windy roads. We had lunch in the Knuckle bar in Sturgis.

It was still another two weeks before the rally started but already there were a lot of bikes and people. We didn’t come here for the rally though. We had to get parts for Ronnie’s 1924 JE Harley Davidson. We asked around and everybody was very helpful. The shop we had to go to was closed because it was Saturday afternoon but would be open again on Monday morning.

We booked a site at the caravan park, we decided to stay for three nights. It was very hot and the hottest of the day was at 4.00 pm! All 3 days the temperature went up to 40 degrees and at 8.00 pm it was still 35. I didn’t get much sleep of course but we are on holidays so it doesn’t really matter.

Crazy Horse Memorial, Mt Rushmore.
We still hadn’t seen many motorbike riders who were camping, they all stay in motels. We met a couple at the camp, they had driven their car down from Minneapolis with their Harley on the trailer. We did some rides with them through the area, went to see Crazy Horse memorial and Mt Rushmore national memorial, absolutely amazing.

The following day Ronnie went to the motorbike shop, he spend hours there; talking (of course) and ordering parts. I went to the library to send emails and had a look at all the shops, everything here is “Sturgis Rally” stubbieholders, T-shirts, caps, hats...

In the afternoon we went for a ride, quickly back into Wyoming and had a look at Devils Tower, a mountain in the middle of all the paddocks. In Spearfish we had a new front tyre fitted. I felt very sorry for the guys here, it was so hot and then you have to try and work.

We went back to Sturgis via Spearfish Canyon, a beautiful ride. Just before Sturgis it started to bucket down with rain and we got soaking wet. Because Ronnie had spend enough money today we cooked a cheap vegetarian pasta dish, it was pretty good.

We left early the next morning to go east, at least that’s what we thought. We had ridden a few k’s through Rapid City before we stopped and asked a guy which way the Badlands national park was. We had ridden west instead so had to turn around and ride back about 25 kilometers. The roads were very bad in some areas and there were a lot of roadworks.

We booked a motel that night in Winner. On the news they said there was going to be a huge storm not far from us. We went outside to have a look at the black clouds, lots of lightning and some rain but not much, very windy though.

Welcome to Nebraska.
We rode into Nebraska the next morning and all we saw was corn fields. In a little town we made ourselves a cuppa and a lady came over to have a chat. The local news reporter came over too and really wanted to interview us for the newspaper.

She had lots of meetings beforehand and asked us if we were staying in town. We had only left the motel an hour ago and really wanted to make some kilometers, so we had to say no. Would have been very funny though.

We usually made 10 hour days or even more. We had enough stops along the way but it was light till late and that made it great for travelling. You never had to cook or put your tent up in the dark, we loved it. This day was a bit too long though, we finally made it into Ames (Iowa), it had been so absolutely hot all day.

I wanted to stay in the first motel we saw, this turned out to be the most expensive one. But it was great, clean and there was a shower with lots and lots of towels and even shampoo and conditioner, love it!

Anamosa Motorcycle Museum.
Of course Ronnie thought it was way too expensive, all I did was laugh. (We are talking about $78)
Found a nice camping spot near Anamosa. People had told us there was a great motorcycle museum here, that’s why we had decided to go this far south. It hadn’t been the plan but as soon as we walked into the museum we were glad we had.

We spend the next 3 hours there looking at lots of very old and rare motorcycles from all over the world. The next day we followed the Mississippi river north and headed towards Lake Superior into the state of Wisconsin.

The lake was so big, it looked like the ocean. It even had waves crashing onto the beach. We were travelling pretty fast by now, only a couple more days until we arrived at my family in Oshawa (Ontario Canada). We went and had a look at the Soo locks in Saint Ste Marie, amazing place to visit.

The lock drops seven meters into Lake Huron, and while we were there the biggest ship the lock could handle was going through.

We rode across the bridge back into Canada, customs was easy to get through. We booked a motel room in Espanola. There are sulfur mines here and the smell was absolutely disgusting.

Spectacular Niagara Falls.
We left early the next morning and rode to my uncle's place. Great to see him again and in the next couple of days we met most of my family. We had barbeques and explored the area. Ronnie and I went for a couple of days around Lake Ontario so we could go and visit the Niagara Falls, something spectacular.

We had to hand our American visa back when we left the country. Our last week in Canada we had a great laugh when Ronnie played ice hockey with my cousin's son. Ever since he was a kid Ronnie wanted to play ice hockey.

After two weeks with family we flew to the Netherlands to visit parents and family. The weather was great and we had Andrew and Wendy over after they had been travelling through England and Wales. It was fun to show them our home towns and for them to get to know our family. Two weeks later we arrived back in Perth.

We rode 16.000 km through Canada and America, we saw bears and bison but hardly any BMW’s...

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