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February 2013 Club News

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Not the Breakfast Ride to Two People’s Bay

And the BBQ’s worked.
Well it was supposed to be a Breakfast Ride to Two People’s Bay, but 150 dolphins were having trouble getting out to sea and so the National Park was shut, mainly I think to stop fishermen and spectators getting in the way of CALM’s operations. Because surely the dolphins weren’t using the BBQ’s.

Anyway we did a U-turn and cooked our breakfast by the banks of the King River, which is a beautiful spot and amazingly all the BBQ’s worked, I think that’s a first on these early morning rides.

Phil and Ian chatting when they should be cooking.
There were a lot of Club members there including Phillip O’Halloran who had an early start to ride down from Kojonup on his BMW 60/6 and Daniel who rode his Moto Guzzi Convert in from Bow River.

The weather was beautiful, and after a leisurely breakfast it was time to go home with the rest of the day free. Thanks Gary Taylor for doing back-up duties - oh and 149 dolphins made it out to sea with only one that didn’t make it.

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