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February 2013 Club News

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Frenchman’s Bay BBQ

Story: Antoinet Glazema
Pics:Trevor Escott & Antoinet

A quiet Frenchman’s Bay, a BBQ and a drink - ideal.

Ronnie and I left home to go to Elleker and waited there for the other club members, keen for an afternoon barbeque at one of the nice spots Albany has to offer.

A good turnout arrived a bit later at the Elleker general store. Some people bought an ice cream or had a coffee before we headed to Frenchman’s Bay.

Ronnie & Antoinet getting in the Christmas
Always nice to catch up and it is such a beautiful time of the day. Quiet and peaceful with not a lot of other people around.

The barbeque was pretty slow so the back up barbeque was used once again. Thanks to Chester for doing back up.

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