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December 2012 Club News Suzy's on the Road Again

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Suzy's on the Road Again

By Ian Grant

Ian's GT750 water bottle looking good.
After a recent refurb, I got the GT750 inspected last week and registered for the road and I rode it for the first time today. This is the bike I brought with me from Zimbabwe 31 years ago.

The bike runs beautifully and I have a bit of a run that I do around where we live and the bike handled way better than I can ever remember it doing back in the day. I wonder if I’ve got rose tinted specs on?

An engine rebuild, new rear shocks, front fork rebuild, cast wheels and decent new tyres, I’m sure these help enormously! The last time the bike ran was either in late ‘85 or early ‘86 so it’s so nice to be on the road again.

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