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December 2012 Club News

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Ronnie’s 1924 JE Harley project

By Ronnie Jellesma

Petrol tank with lots of character.
In April 2012 we purchased 70% of a 1924 JE model Harley Davidson. I always wanted to restore an older bike. This was maybe a good start. As you can see on the photos there is still a lot missing.

Harley bike parts sorted.
The plan is to restore the bike to a “barn find” I know this is going to be difficult because I have to find the original parts in the “barn find” stage.

It is not going be a show bike but one I want to ride as much as possible! On our recent trip to America and Canada, we bought some new parts.

We also met people who are willing to keep an eye out for parts at the big swap meets over there. I hope by keeping you up to date of this project, some people might know or have parts they want to sell/swap.
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Phone Ronnie: 08 9845 1278

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