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October 2012 Club News

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Wes' September Tour

By Bob Jackson

SUNDAY 9th: Mercer Road info bay 8-45am; Harley Trent, Barry May, Colin Hinkley, Clive Smith, David Webb and Bob Jackson meet up for Wes’ ride.

Pushed off at 9-00 for Mt Barker to meet up with one James Sharpe (note the E) at 9-30; (just made it). Went straight on to Kojonup to join Wes Thomas, Peter McFarlane and Jim’s son, Russell, who rode down from Armadale on his Ducati to meet up with Dad and ride with us for the day. After a “how ya go’in” yarn over coffee, we made our departure for Dwellingup.

Filling up at Dwellingup Roadhouse.
Clive and Dave headed to York, with the idea of meeting up with the rest of us at Mt Magnet on the Wednesday. Good ride through to Darkan and a bit of lunch then onto Quindanning. The weather was great and this proved to be a day out for about 50 bikers parked at Quindy pub. A country and western band was putting on a good show so we hung about for awhile before taking off for Dwellingup for the night at the caravan park. Jim’s son Russell went home to Armadale . . . Great day . . . We had a nice tea and breaky at cafe in town

MONDAY: Morning cloudy but fine. Harley and Barry went back to Albany via Busselton, didn’t have the time to come all the way, but it was beaut to have them for the day anyway. Wes, Colin, Jim, Peter and Bob rode north onto the freeway and up through Perth to Yanchep and to Lancelin for lunch, then onto the new Indian Ocean Highway to Jurien Bay where we said g’day to Jim’s youngest son Murray and his partner and 9 month old grandson.

Murray has a pet meat supply business, shoots his own roo’s and boy did he have some bigun’s . . . Rolled on up to Pt Denison Beach Park where we had booked for two night’s, nice chalet’s . . . A good day’s ride. We had dinner and some drinks at the local tavern. Jim’s friends (He has some!), Lois and Norm Burney used to live in Denmark , and were members of the Ulysses Club, joined us as well. It was a great evening.

TUESDAY: Weather good; Colin rode to Geraldton to spend the day with his daughter Narelle and family. After breakfast at the local bakery, we travelled some 1 kilometre to Lois and Norm’s place for a look at their bikes and a sumptuous morning tea . . . just what we needed! What a nice couple, made all most welcome.

We then rode up as far as mouth of the Greenough turn-off, then turned east on back roads till we got onto the Nabawa Rd and followed it into town . . . Nabawa, a bit of a ghost town now, but very good crops. Starting to get warm so pulled up and had a spell.

While we were stopped on the corner of the Northampton turn-off a chap on a little Honda with Casey Stoner colour scheme came round the corner like all hell was after him and took off toward Northampton. We chatted for a while, forked the bronks and headed up same road, we had only gone about 5 kms when here he comes back towards us at estimated 160 kmph. About 25 km to Northampton so we assumed he had been there and back!

We carried on to Northampton had lunch and a hour off before riding down to Geraldton, where we went to the HMAS SYDNEY MEMORIAL for a good stop before going onto the fisherman’s harbour for a bit of a look and then back to Dongara with the only little shower of rain we saw for the whole trip. The tavern in Pt Denison provided good beer and tucker both nights with a nice bakery next door for breakfast . . It was a good day had by all.

WEDNESDAY: Weather fine so we wandered off to Mingenew, had a short pit stop and rolled on to Mullewa. Had coffee and a sanga and fuel in case Yalgoo was closed; surprise surprise Yalgoo pub alive if not very well. Saw a few goats in the scrub along the way but not much else so with wide open fairly straight roads the selective hammers were down for most of the day . . . Arrived in Mt Magnet to a rowsing reception from Dave and Clive and settled into our allotted chalets.

Mt Magnet Caravan Park gave us a good discount, for some really decent accommodation. After coffee we fuelled up and went to he mining museum for an hour or so; quite interesting. Then it was shower time, followed by beer and nibbles, told a few lies (some were nearly true) before a wander down town for a bit of tea at the pub . . . Another really good day.

THURSDAY: Dawned clear and sunny; bit of brekky at the roadhouse, then off on a very pleasant ride to Payne’s Find and coffee all round . . . Fuel is available here on a card system. Continued onto Wubin, fuelled up, then onto Dalwallinu for a very leisurely lunch before heading for Beacon. Clive even had a snore on the grass for half an hour. Fairly warm by now so stopped at Kalannie for a break and a sit in the shade for a while before take off again.

On the way to Beacon, Wes was out front and stirred up a flock of galahs on the road, they wheeled out over a paddock and came roaring back across the road just as Bob was coming through! Well.... he hit about 8 - 10 including one on the helmet. Peter said he saw 3 on the road and when we got to Beacon another 2 fell out of the radiators, fortunately no damage. Split camp at Beacon, 4 in chalets and 3 in railway barracks.

Went to local club where new managers had taken over that day. Half the district were there, we all had a nice meal with mandatory drinks of course. It was a great evening. Peter had a nocturnal argument with a toilet which was flooding the bathroom. Had to find a spanner from his toolbox in the dark to turn the tap off.

Bob Jackson and friend, Mukinbudin.
FRIDAY: Weather cool but clear. We headed to Bencubbin and the only fuel was on a card system so went onto Mukinbudin roadhouse, no premium, so ended up at depot on cards anyway. Had coffee and cake then went to Men’s Shed. Small, but well restored collection of tractors and machinery and a Gold Flash B.S.A. restored and for sale! From Mucka we went onto Nungarin army museum. Huge shed full of very interesting army vehicles, a good collection of farm tractors and machinery, unfortunately it all appears to be fizzing out by lack of people to look after it.

Colin, Little Dave and Clive admiring the BSA.
On to Merredin for a bite to eat and a spell before rocking off to Kulin for our last night before home. Quite warm again so we stopped at Narrembeen and had a 1/2 hr in the shade, then straight through to Kulin.
Colin stayed with a friend on the Tin Horse Highway, the rest of us stayed at the hotel. The Dockers were playing Adelaide that night so good crowd at the pub. Gerry Noble turned up so we had a beer and a good yarn to him before tea. Dave has a story to tell on where he slept that night and why. I’ll leave it to him to tell how that came about.

SATURDAY: Another clear morning, we met Colin on the way for an easy ride home, with stops at Lake Grace, Pingrup and Amelup. Peter left us at the Chester Pass turn off and went home via Nyabing while Wes peeled off at the Boxwood Hill turn off. A very enjoyable week away and we covered nearly 3,000 kms. No incidents of any concern.

Would like to say a collective big thanks to Wes for his organising a very good ride and many thanks for the companionship from those who went.

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