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August 2012 Club News

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Wilyung Cottage Ride

What a great ride this was. Andy did the organising and suggested to the people at Wilyung that there would be around 12 or 16 coming for a look and to indulge in morning tea.

Checking out
          the three wheeler at the start.
As we waited on beautiful sunny Sunday for everybody to turn up the numbers swelled from 10 to 20, then 30 and finally at least 40 members and family. I think Andy was a bit surprised to say the least.

We thought we would start off the ride by heading to Chester and Trudy’s place to have a look at the new trailer shed. Lez Baines was doing back-up and would meet us there (its only around the corner from the information bay meeting place on Chester Pass Road).

After inspecting the shed and telling everyone the secret number for the combination lock we headed off on the ride. Except for Andy and Chester who instead bolted for Wilyung Cottage to give them the numbers that were to shortly arrive.

This sent them into a bit of a frenzy to make sure there were enough scones and hot water for the masses. The rest of us took off on a ride to Bon Accord Rd, Nanarup Road, Hunton and Chester Pass Road.

There was the usual variety of bikes on the ride with quite a number of older bikes. Gary Carlsen turned up on his new Oztrike, which is certainly different with raked out forks and VW motor. It was good to see members from Denmark turn up and especially Lez Baines who did back-up duties. Lez is a real asset to the Club who helps a lot with screen printing stickers in particular, well done mate.

          collecting at the cottage.
When we arrived at Wilyung Cottage, which incidentally has a lot of antiques and old vehicles on display (including a BSA 250) we were greeted by the sounds of a guy playing a violin, Asha. He apparently had arrived to buy the violin and was persuaded to hang around and play a few pieces. He was very good and so was the applause.

Group drinking
          tea at the cottage.
There was a tin and for $5 you got scones, jam and cream, tea or coffee and the proceeds went to the Hospice. The people there did a fabulous job and were thanked by Andy for doing so.

It was a great morning, maybe we should do it again at a future date. Well done Andy for organising it.
Thanks again to Lez for coming in from Denmark to tow the trailer and also for producing the excellent sponsor signs on the trailer.

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