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August 2012 Club News

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The Club Trailer Shed

Chester and Trudy have kindly let the Club use part of their property to house the Club trailer. The trailer was a bit exposed to the elements, so it was suggested at the June meeting that a shed could be built on their property that would house the trailer and make it easier to hitch and unhitch to the vehicle of whoever was doing back-up. Again they agreed enthusiastically to this.

Watch out for
          the flash, Warwick!
So at the June meeting it was decided to have a busy bee at their place the following Saturday figuring there would be enough Club members from the meeting that were available to help. On Friday Chester and Andy did a huge amount of work preparing the site and obtaining the materials, sand and bitumen base ready for the Saturday.

That morning all the members from the meeting (and a few others) who were available turned up to help construct the shed. Chester again offered material that he had lying around the place - bloody marvellous.

I was working till mid-afternoon and couldn’t get there until then, actually it was just in time for afternoon tea. Trudy had produced a sumptious spread as well as tea and coffee - Petra helping out as well.

The boys had done a great job with the shed, the base of shed was more or less completed, the walls were assembled and the roof was about to go on.

Pavers were used for the trailer wheels to sit on and also for the jockey wheel to make it easier to manoeuvre.

Proud workers
          in the shed.
The shed was completed with trailer inside just on dark and Chester finished the day off beautifully bringing out cold beers. Everyone who was there helped, it really was a great effort.

But a special thanks to Chester who with the help of Andy spent Friday running around picking up stuff for the shed. Also the use of his tractor and tools the next day was invaluable. Thanks Chester, much appreciated.

The next day we started the run off by taking everyone to have a look at the shed and Gary Carlsen offered to paint it for free - on ya Gary.

Lez Baines finished off the trailer by putting on the final advertising stickers. He did a brilliant job making these, they look fantastic and he donated his time and materials.

To hitch and
          unhitch the trailer is easy in its new home.
Well done all, when its your turn to do back-up give Chester a ring first, if he’s not home any committee member will do. You need the combination to unlock the trailer.

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