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August 2012 Club News

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Numbat Rally

By Bob

The scene at
          the Numbat.
I had a good ride up to the Numbat, taking a shortcut after Beverley which brings you out on the York Quairading Road, not far from the turn-off to the Numbat.

By the time I got there the rest of the Albany Club members (from Perth) were set up. I looked for a good spot to pitch the tent and then to relax with a beer. Huw had set his tent up earlier only to have someone light a fire too close to his tent for comfort, so he moved. It turned out a good move.

Later that night the fire got bigger and there were a lot of sparks flying around, some by a not so bright spark, as some tents ended up with holes in them. I think Clive was the worst off, but as usual Clive was very relaxed about it all.

It was good to catch up with old friends to and to have a look at some of the different bikes around the place. Some trikes were specifically made for the weekend with lounge chairs on the back. Unfortunately there are always off-road bikes and quads running around these days, although I didn’t think it was too bad this year.

Bruce ran the gymkhana in the morning, which I thought was well attended and good fun. Then it was time for the presentations. Bruce won the oldest bike and rider, and the bike was only 2 years old. No, not really he rode the old BMW R60, which has done a fair bit of travelling since Don sold it to them.

The afternoon was most enjoyable, sitting around socialising and having the occasional drink. Sunday night was an early night for me. I hadn’t shaken off the cold that I’d had and being very wise retired early.

Next morning I had a great ride back to Albany through, Kulin, Dumbleyung and Gnowangerup, taking in a few dirt roads I hadn’t been on. Thanks for the company, looking forward to the Numduc next year.

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