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August 2012 Club News

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Max Taylor’s Hospice Support Ride

Story Phil, Pics Chester

Group of riders
          on the day.
Sunday, 27th May, so here we are grouped once more to embark on our Hospice Support Ride in memory of our mate and fellow rider Max Taylor, his wife Hazel and daughter Julie. “The years roll by”.

We welcomed Julie down from Perth for the ride. It was good to have her with us once again.

Bikes on the
We followed a similar route this year with one small change, missing out on Pemberton as there was a motor sport event on there that weekend and some of the roads were closed. We rode through Walpole (morning tea, Pete from Donnybrook caught up with us there) and onto Manjimup for lunch and returned down Muir Highway back home.

Twenty-seven riders left the info bay, three stopping at Denmark and 24 going the full distance. The day improved as we travelled on.

Cheque of
          $373.40 for the Hospice Secretary, Toni Mckenzie.
We finished up with afternoon tea at Mt Barker Bakery. Hospice contributions were received with thanks. The final tally was $373.40. A good effort and thank you all. Look forward to seeing you all again next year.

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