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June 2012 Club News

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Wheel Aligning at Don and Judy's

We had a great morning at Don and Judy’s. Don provided the string and Judy provided the muffins and sausage rolls. And of course there was the coffee - freshly ground.

It was basically to check the wheel alignment on older BMW’s. This is adjusted by moving the swinging arm left or right until the wheels are lined up. The book states that the gap either side of the swinging arm should be equal, but sometimes this does not equate to the wheels lining up.
Youngun presents
          his bicycle for alignment.

A later model Triumph was also done. It needs a bit of  working out to get a narrow front and wide rear tyre to be lined up correctly. Many other members came over for a social morning as well. Thanks again Don and Judy.
It was a busy
          morning at Don and Judy’s.

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