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June 2012 Club News

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Stirlings/Boxwood Hills Ride

by Antoinet Glazema with photos by Andrew Storrie and Antoinet Glazema

A nice Easter Monday ride. We left the information centre at about 9.30 and headed in sunshine towards the Porongurups. The sky was blue and the closer we came to the Stirlings the hotter it got.

Don and Ray
          preparing to ride in the Stirlings.
We were going to have a coffee break on the Bluff Knoll car park but because of Easter there was a ranger at the gate collecting money. Most of us have been to the car park before and didn’t really want to go up. Some members did though but most of us pulled off the road and had our morning tea across the road from the Bluff Knoll café (which is shut and for sale).

We kept going after catching up with other members and headed for Boxwood Hills. It was very busy on that road. All the people were coming back from Bremer Bay after spending the Easter weekend there.

Cooling off
          with a drink at Boxwood Hills.
We had lunch at Boxwood Hills. Most of us had brought food from home but some had to buy lunch at the roadhouse. Bob Jackson had rung the roadhouse that morning to see if they were open and to ask if there was any food available. The lady seemed to panic a bit and said to Bob: “It’s our busiest day of the year. Don’t expect there is much left!” The people who still scored some food thought it was very tasty.

Parked on the
          edge of the scrub.
We had heard there was a police car near Wellstead, so as we always do, we stuck to the speed limit riding back to Albany. A very hot ride back home, but an enjoyable day riding along one of the nicest roads in the south west.

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