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June 2012 Club News

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The Scotsdale Road Ride

Some reckon its the best road in the State, and I think it must come pretty close and so did close to 40 club members as we took off from Albany on a warm, sunny day. Well it was for a while, then a shower before Youngs Siding dampened the road a bit.

Chris admiring
          Cherie’s new acqusition, a 3-wheeler Spider.
But by the time we left Youngs the rain had stopped and that was it for the rest of the ride, which was good as Scotsdale Road in the rain isn’t as much fun.
Stephen Lucas
          leading a pack of riders at the junction of McLeod and
          Scotsdale Roads.

We had lunch by the river and were entertained by squabbling ducks before heading home. We put the bikes in the shed and it rained again - good timing.

Thanks Peter Young for doing back-up duties with Kim keeping him company.
Bob does
          starting duty on Chris' R51 BMW.

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