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June 2012 Club News

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Pemberton Ride

With addditional B&W pictures from John Mc's Rollei 35mm film camera

Ronnie had been busy arranging an overnight ride to Pemberton to meet the Indian Harley Club from Bunbury. We left Albany on Saturday morning and the weather was superb. We rode though Rocky Gully, where Philip O’Halloran was waiting for us, then onto Manjimup and Pemberton via the back roads. We stopped at Lake Muir for a break and some photo opportunities. Ronnie descended on a loose bolt on Chris' BMW, to Bob's dismay. Chalk up -1 to BMW and +1 to Indian.
Ronnie striking
          like a hawk.
Bob in the
Dan's dad's 1956
Group in picture
          frame at Lake Muir.

To meet us there were some members of the Bunbury Club, who were already set up. Most were in cabins, with the hardy camping mob sleeping under canvas. After a short while we were joined by Club members from Perth who also had a great ride down.

Chris and
While we were eating nibbles and enjoying a drink, a couple of parrots thought that Chris could do with company, landing on her head and arm to much hilarity. Some used the brilliant BBQ facilities, cooking a variety of steaks, whilst others enjoyed a meal at the pub.

          around the fire.
The rest of the night was spent around the fire. Next morning if you hadn’t brought your breakfast it was back to the pub for a good feed. The ride home via Northcliffe and Walpole was most enjoyable especially as we were riding ahead of a cold front. When Chris and I got home, we had just finished putting the bikes and gear away when a hail storm hit Albany. Good timing! I wouldn’t have fancied that with an open-face helmet.

Bikes lined up
          outside the pub.
Outside the pub on the Sunday morning before heading for home.

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