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June 2012 Club News

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The Opening Day that never was

April 21 was supposed to be the Opening Day of the Denmark Machinery Restoration Group’s new shed and the Club was invited along.
No problems
          starting the old tractor although there was a fair bit of

Unfortunately the Opening Day was postponed to a later date (the toilets hadn’t been completed). They rang us up the Thursday before to tell us this, but said they would open the shed up anyway and we would be most welcome to come.

A smallish group started off from Albany with threatening weather and it did more that threaten as we were caught in a few heavy downpours, but it didn’t dampen our spirits and we all arrived in Denmark in one piece, some with pies in their hands.

Plenty to see
          in the shed.
The shed is brilliant with some fascinating machinery in it. It's early days yet and they hope in the future to have a replica railway station and carriages. Also the machinery in the shed labelled so as visitors can be informed of their history, yet another shed, and upgraded grounds etc.

It will be interesting to go back there when this is all done. Thanks Reg for doing back-up duties.
Arriving at the
          Restoration Group’s new shed.

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