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June 2012 Club News

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The Mad Hatter Parliamentary Party

by John Sinclair

WHAT a lovely day’s ride we had, those of you that couldn’t make it, you missed out big time...  Even still I hope that whatever you did do that you enjoyed your day off.
          Kojak’s Kwaka, Jo’s BM 650, my BM R1200R, and I think Lynn’s

We started out at Loose Bruce and Kylie’s house, lunch at the North Dandalup dam picnic site, what a beautiful spot, then back towards Perth via the Serpentine Sam and Canning Reservoir, then stopping at a servo on the way back for an ice-cream.

I think I am going to run for prime minister and make the party policy “public holiday every Wednesday for motorcyclists only”, work two days, day off, work two days, two days off etc etc. So who’s going to vote for me?
Security staff:
          Steve, Kojak, Bruce and David.

I even have 3 wise willing members to join me. I’m sure they would work well in the parliamentary system:
see no truth, speak no truth and hear no truth.
Mad Hatter
          ministers: Jo, Kylie and Dawn.

Thanks to all for your great company. 

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