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April 2012 Club News

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Ride to Walpole

Great day for riding, and so thought nearly 40 other Club members for the ride to Walpole. We rode through Denmark and on to Bow River for a break, always a nice stop with plenty of shade and good coffee

Bikes parked at
Then a ride up the Hazelvale Road which joins onto the North Walpole Road. Hazelvale Road has some of the best sweeping bends to ride on with a nice smooth road surface. But the Main Roads Dept had decided to leave a considerable amount of loose blue metal on the last bend before the T-junction of the North Walpole Road.

In parts this road had improved lots as it used to be very rough, but very windy and scenic. So the patches of good road was welcome. Luckily nobody had come to grief on the loose stuff earlier.

Table for
          eating and more chatting.
We spread ourselves out in the park opposite the cafe enjoying lunch before heading home. Great ride, great weather.

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