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April 2012 Club News

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Tuning Day and Sausage Sizzle

Pics by Chris, Bob and John

After a few hot days we were luckily greeted with cooler temperatures for the Tuning Day, lucky, as the shed gets a bit uncomfortable when it's too warm.

Norm and Bob
          tuning fork seals.
We always have a great time on Tuning Days. Norm and Rob are putting in new fork seals for Rob’s K100RS BMW. Norm’s using BMW tool No. 1, large claw hammer, and Rob’s using BMW tool No. 2, large rubber mallet. And the forks don’t leak no more!

Crew diagnosing
          Norton electrics.
There was a good turn-out of members who wanted some work done on their bikes from Rob (new fork seals on a K100), Kelly (electrical problem, Norton Commando) and another five bikes having their carbies tuned.

Club members helped each other where they could, special thanks to Norm and Andy among others. Ronnie brought the new Club trailer around that he and Colin had been working on to test out the suitability for sidecars and how many bikes could we fit on.

Bikes happily
          sitting on the trailer.
The trailer looked great even though it was not quite finished and it took Phil’s sidecar outfit easily. Three bikes could be fitted on with no problem. There was no shortage of helpers manoeuvring the bikes and we all admired their work. They really have done a brilliant job and you should be seeing it on shorter rides soon.

Preparing food
          for the tuners.
Marilyn and Betty were cooking the sausages and onions to perfection and there was coffee and cake (supplied by Antoinet), scones (Alex).

Phil and
          Warwick consulting about the BMW.
A most enjoyable day, thanks to all the helpers - in the shed and in the yard. See you next time.

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