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April 2012 Club News

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The Club Trailer

by Antoinet Glazema

Starting the
In September 2011 Ronnie and Colin Dowsett received the trailer parts donated by Trojan. The tyres were donated by Dowsett Auto Service. They worked two Saturdays to make a rolling chassis. The trailer went then to Smith’s Aluminium who made a mesh floor.

Colin did the inspection and got the trailer licensed. It was the Tuning Day where the so far finished trailer was shown to club members. Three motorbikes were rolled onto the trailer, they fitted fine and later Phil’s sidecar outfit went on to see if that would fit. It worked fine and lots of ideas came up, what to take and what to do.

Trailer front
Ronnie took the trailer home to start making the box, which had to be fixed onto the A-frame. Inside the box there had to be space for the barbeque, donated by Clive Smith, a motorbike ramp, spare tyre, gas bottle, spare fuel container, tie downs and a first aid kit.

We took it for a test run to Jerramungup to pick up some old off-road motorbikes. The trailer went then to A1 sandblasting, who painted the whole trailer.

Trailer with
In March Ronnie went then to Les Baines, who did all the sign-writing. The end project looks great and the trailer will have its first big trip on the Old Bike Week away.

The club members would like to thank all the businesses/people for their generous donations.

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