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April 2012 Club News

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Peaceful Bay Camping Weekend

by Antoinet Glazema

Ronnie and
          Antoinet in camping mode.
We had beautiful weather at Peaceful Bay. Some members had arrived already on the Friday and others came on Saturday or Sunday.

Lots of people from Perth had come down too and some BMW members joined us at the caravan park.
Ronnie, Andrew and I had left Saturday morning and had an early lunch stop in Denmark at the famous bakery.

Shiny yellow
          Norton Commando.
We caught up with Guy and Greta who had ridden down on their BMW from Perth the previous day. After arriving at Peaceful we had a chat with other members and put up our tent. This year we seemed to be scattered around a bit but we still had a nice happy hour.

Kenny tweaking
          the carbies on his R69S BMW.
Bruce, Stuart, Clive, Dawn, John Sinclair and Kenny, all from Perth, came to join us at the camp a bit later.
Andrew, Ronnie and I went for a walk along the beach, there were so many people fishing. It’s such a popular spot for keen fishermen and for people who just want to get away from their busy lifestyles.

Marilyn and
          Marilyn having a relax.
We had a barbeque that night and had a nice social chat back at the camp. John Sinclair and Kenny packed up early the next morning to go for individual off-road trips back to Perth. Ronnie and I had a nice big breakfast before we packed up to go back home. Ronnie had to go to Perth that afternoon so we only had one night at Peaceful.

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