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April 2012 Club News

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2012 Indian/Harley 2 Day Rally

By Antoinet Glazema

Bob and Matt
          having a breather beside the road.
Matt and Bob had already left on the Friday morning to go to the Indian/Harley rally. Ronnie and I love this weekend and were a bit sad to miss out on the Friday. It’s normally a very nice and relaxing day, stopping for cuppas in Denmark, Walpole, Manjimup and Balingup and just taking it easy. Never mind, we will go on a big trip through Canada and North America in June, July and August so we have to save as many holiday days as we can.

Ronnie and I left Torbay on Saturday morning at 6.45 am and had a nice ride to Walpole where we stopped for fuel. We both rode our comfortable Guzzi’s because we wanted to go to Bunbury as quick as possible so we could catch up for lunch with all the other members. It was very foggy going towards Walpole, the temperature dropped a bit and Ronnie thought it was too chilly so he turned on the heated handgrips!

We got petrol in Walpole and rode to Manjimup for our coffee break. It was pretty warm by then and we had a hot ride to Bunbury. We arrived there at 11.15 and got our riders pack, the riders had lunch in Nannup so I hopped on the back of my Moto Guzzi SP and off we went to Nannup. We found Bob and Matt at the little café in town and had lunch with them.

Assembled bikes
          in camping area.
It was really warm by then and we were looking forward to go to the campgrounds for a cold beer. Before we got there we had another stop in Balingup, Bruce offered me his “bullet proof vest.” Bruce and Kylie both wear a sleeveless jacket under their motorbike jacket. There are water crystals hidden in this jacket which soak up water so it keeps you nice and cool while you are riding. My jacket hasn’t got much mesh though so it wasn’t really working for me.

Bruce had problems with his Norton, it kept blowing fuses. My Guzzi didn’t go too flash either, for quite a while already it has an intermittent problem, starts running on one cylinder. First Ronnie thought it was bad fuel because the Le Mans had the same problem. So he cleaned the carburetors and it worked okay until this run. It was really bad on the way home and as soon as we pulled up at home, Ronnie had another good look and thinks he has it worked out; one spark plug cap might be the intermittent problem.

          group at table.
It was great to catch up with a lot of members from the Indian/Harley club and we enjoyed the cold beers. Guy kept us entertained telling stories about his years in the army.

Bruce and
          Ronnie looking serious.
The food was yummy and we had fun doing the quiz. There were motorbike related questions, questions about sport, politics and also a big question about countries in the world starting with A,B and C. Apparently there are 24 countries starting with A, 18 with B and 22 with C. Very tricky but you want to get as many as possible of course so in your mind you travel around the world. In the end we got 30 right and won some stubbie holders, caps and calculators. Off to bed at about 10.30 pm for a good night's sleep.

The next morning was another sunny one and we had coffee and bacon and eggs. Ronnie wanted to go for the ride with Bruce, Kylie, Bob and Matt but I had taken my book with me and was going to have a nice and relaxing morning. The ride was nice according to the boys but they got lost in Bunbury and couldn’t be bothered so they arrived back at the campground early.

It got very hot again at lunchtime, 36 degrees and not much fun to hop in your jeans, jacket and boots. We said goodbye to everybody and headed off to go back home. We had lunch in Donnybrook and Matt and Bob arrived later too, they had the Monday off work and were going to stay in Nannup for the night.

We had a very hot ride back home, it didn’t cool off until we hit Shannon national park. We arrived back home at about 5.00 pm, great weekend, shame it was so short.      

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