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April 2012 Club News

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2012 Economy Run

by Antoinet Glazema

          gathered for the economy run.
About 34 members turned up for the 2012 Economy run. They nominated their fuel economy and after a briefing we set off at 10.15 am. The ride took us through Little Grove, Robinson and off to Elleker for a coffee break.

A lot of people took the wrong turnoff in Little Grove but everybody except Bob showed up at the Elleker general store. Bob was riding his sidecar and had the grandkids with him but in Little Grove he got trouble with the bike.

Neil did back-up and after trying to sort out the problem with Bob’s bike they wanted to put it on the trailer. The sidecar was too wide though. Alex came to the rescue with Bob’s own trailer.

After a nice break and a good catch up we took off again along Marbellup Road to Link Road, Menang Drive, Rocky Crossing Road, Bon Accord Road and along Lower King Road back to North Road to fill up the bikes.

We made our way to the Forts and had a nice barbeque lunch there. Andrew helped me to convert the miles/gallon to kilometers/litre. Very confusing but we got it sorted. Next time we might have to make it a rule to nominate in kilometers to the litre. Much quicker.

Garry the
          economy estimation winner.
Garry Blake won the 2012 Economy run and was being presented with the trophy by Ronnie. If you have a look at the results you will see that Chester only just got beaten by Garry.

The weather was good, apparently a little bit on the chilly side for a bloke from Holland. He might have to take some extra clothes next time.

Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride, we hope to see you again next year! And thanks to Neil for doing back up.

Results table

Results table

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