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February 2012 Club News

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Pre-70 Bike Ride to Pemberton

Pre-70 bikes
          at Nannup.
Andrew and Phil had volunteered to organise a three day Pre-70 ride to Pemberton. Numbers were down a bit this year, but on the ride were Andrew 250cc BMW, Phil 650cc Triumph Bonneville, Garry 500cc Ariel, Jim 750cc BMW and Bob 600cc BMW sidecar outfit.

Garry had volunteered to go back-up towing the Ariel to Pemberton, but using it whilst we’re there. We picked up Jim in Denmark, where we had a long stop in the coffee shop. Lunch was at Walpole.

Andrew was, as always worried he was going to get left behind, then takes off and cruising around 85km/h on the 250, at one stage he was clocked at 105km/h downhill.

He’s hard to keep up with once he gets going except he was having trouble with a loose connection now and again which gave us a chance to catch up with him.

After stopping at Northcliffe we arrived at Pemberton where Wendy was waiting for us. The caravan park were pleased to see us and charged $12.50 per head per night (camping), which these days is good value especially considering the amenities there. The campers kitchen is great, didn’t use any of my cooking gear.

Looks like
          late-model Afrika Korps were in Nannup.
There was still the remains of a bushfire around Nannup and the Vasse Highway was closed. But we headed into Manjimup, went to the Tourist Bureau, and found a way to Nannup via some back roads. We arrived there at lunch-time, parked the bikes outside the cafe which then became a tourist attraction. Good fun and spoke to a lot of people, in the meantime other bikes were parking in the street.

We then took the Balingup Road before heading to Bridgetown and then Manjimup where we stopped for a much appreciated afternoon tea at Wendy’s mum's (gave her a ride in the sidecar, she loved it). We then headed down the back way to Pemberton - great ride.

That night we eventually made it to the pub for dinner, which was also good value. Sunday after a leisurely breakfast we headed back to Albany, stopping again at Walpole.

Great weekend, with all bikes and riders arriving home safe and sound. Thanks Garry for going back-up and also to Andrew and Phil for organising it - look forward to next year.

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