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June 2011 Club News

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Indian Harley 2 Day Rally and Old Bike Week Away 2011

Pics & Story - Antoinet

People and
          bikes everywhere
Ronnie and I had decided it was a good idea to start the old bike week at the Indian Harley rally. Members of the Indian Harley club support our club at the Hillclimb and this way we could do something back. A lot of people didn’t like the idea though. Maybe they were scared of the unknown.

The rally is great fun, the people really do a great job organizing such a great event. We choose to stay at the club grounds but of course you can stay in Bunbury on a caravan park or in a chalet, there is heaps of accommodation available.                                 

The rides through Bunbury area were once again great, it is lovely to have so many bitumen roads although that way you have to put up with heaps more people and traffic but for a weekend it’s great.

Ronnie’s father Jacob joined Ronnie in the back-up car (the Indian was on the trailer) and Phillip O’Halloran and I rode our bikes to Bunbury. We had enough stops along the way; Denmark, Walpole, turn off to Northcliffe, Manjimup and Balingup.

Ronnie had enough of driving the car when we stopped in Manjimup and asked me if he could ride my Moto Guzzi Le Mans. I told him no because he’s been riding motorbikes for the last 20 years and I have just started, it’s just too much fun!

The weather was great although we had a massive pour down near Shannon national park. Phillip and I had to slow right down because we couldn’t see a thing. Bunbury was sunny and warm. We pitched our tents and Phillip went to Koombana Bay caravan park where he had booked a chalet for 3 nights.

We caught up with some Indian Harley club members and went to the pub for a very nice meal. When we arrived back at the club grounds John Sinclair, Bruce and Kylie had joined us and Clive Oakes, Dawn, Stuart and Jonathan came over for a drink.

John had decided to sleep in his van but had forgotten to bring a pillow, sleeping bag and mattress. He used a chair as pillow, Ronnie’s dad gave him a thin mattress and he just slept with all his clothes on. I don’t think he had a very good night.

The next morning was sunny and crisp. Huw and Elina were staying with Elina’s parents for the weekend but they came to the club grounds to start the rides. Huw, Elina, Bruce, Kylie, Ronnie and I decided to ride all together. Huw did a great job leading us through all the back-roads and we finally ended up in Collie for lunch.

Ronnie’s dad Jacob got a lift from 4 very nice ladies and did the short course in the car with them. All up I think we did about 220 km on the first day. That night we enjoyed the yummy food the ladies had prepared and of course we had a great laugh when it was time for the quiz.

The sunshine woke us early on Sunday morning and we headed to the club rooms for a coffee and some breakfast. The ride today was about 120 km and once again took us through very nice areas. Our morning tea break was in Brunswick Junction, where we enjoyed the goodies from the bakery.

Best female
Back at the clubrooms we had lunch and the winners were announced. I was thrilled when we heard that I had won best performance by a female! I won some nice wine glasses and thanked the Indian Harley club and all the helpers for a great weekend; we will be back next year.

In the afternoon we went to Koombana Bay caravan park where we caught up with Andrew, Wendy, Phillip, Bill (cousin of Phillip O’Halloran), Bob Jackson, Jim, Keith, Colin Hinkley and Daniel Webb. We had a shower and had happy hour at the campground. Huw, Elina and Elina’s parents joined us that night for Chinese in the local restaurant.

Monday morning we packed up to go and have a coffee at Fiona’s place (friends of Wendy who have just moved from Roebourne to Leschenault).

They’ve got such a nice spot with a huge deck and beautiful backyard, we nearly wanted to set up camp there and then! But no, we had some kilometers to do and after saying goodbye to Fiona and her friend Tom we headed off along the Old Coast road and some other small roads. We ended up in Yarloop, where most of us had a look at the old timber museum.

It was pretty hot by now and nearly lunchtime so we decided to go to Waroona for lunch. From there we took a beautiful windy road to Dwellingup where we were going to stay for 3 nights. Ronnie and I had never been to this caravan park before and we just loved the tall trees and the massive camping area. Bob Jackson had arranged to stay in a chalet with Keith, Jim and Colin but something had gone wrong with the booking.

Their chalet had been rented out to somebody else. A big disappointment for the boys and for us because now we couldn’t catch up with each other for happy hour or for pub meals. And it’s just not good if you have booked something and your booking is given to someone else.

Bill and Phil were in a chalet and Huw, Elina, Wendy, Andrew, Daniel, Jacob, Ronnie and I were camping. The first night we had a nice steak on the barbie and we whipped up a salad with all the ingredients we had.

The next day was Tuesday and Elina, Jacob and I stayed at the campground. It was a 34 degree day and I’m glad I didn’t go for the long day ride. All the others went for a ride and Andrew and Wendy decided to go for a swim. That night we had tea at the pub, great meal and cheap. Back at the caravan park some had another drink or a cuppa and we all went to bed early.

Wednesday morning started sunny again. Daniel had phoned Colin Hinkley and we were sad to hear they had decided to go back home early. I think the heat and the mix up with the accommodation had put a dent into their holiday. Hopefully they will have a better trip next year.

Most of us went for a big ride, first to Serpentine Dam, through Jarrahdale and all the way to Kalamunda for lunch. Ronnie was a bit worried about leaving the Indian on the parking lot but Huw said it was pretty safe.

By now Andrew and Wendy had left us to go back to Perth to get some things done. Bill had also left to go back to Kojonup and Daniel went to see Mario at the Guzzi shop. Ronnie, Huw, Elina, Phillip and I rode back to Dwellingup. Wes Thomas had arrived a couple of hours before on his Ducati and Jacob was busy talking to him at the campground. We had another meal and some beers at the pub that night.

On Thursday morning we said goodbye to Huw and Elina who were going back to Perth. We packed up and left for Boyup Brook. Our first stop was at the Quindanning pub for a cuppa and we had a look around.

What more Welsh
          in Australia?
Ronnie and I thought it might be a good idea to go here in winter for the annual pub ride. We rode to Collie and had lunch there before heading towards Boyup Brook. We had a look in Gnomesville and arrived at the caravan park in Boyup Brook at about 4.00 pm. Wes and Phillip booked rooms in the pub and Daniel, Jacob, Ronnie and I stayed at the camping ground. Phillip, Wes and Daniel shouted us a meal at the local bowling club that night as a thank you for the back-up.

The next morning started foggy and cool, but when we stopped at Tone Bridge the weather had cleared up and it was quite warm. We filled up in Mt Barker and had a pie at the bakery before heading back home. All bikes made it back home and the back-up car wasn’t needed for breakdowns. I had ridden 1800 km by the time we arrived back in Torbay. Although numbers were down this year we had a great time. We couldn’t really lose each other because there was such a small number of bikes. What an enjoyable week away with great people riding through beautiful areas of the south-west.

The Riders and Their Bikes

Ronnie Jellesma:   1942 Indian Scout
Bill O’Halloran:      1957 Triumph T110
Phillip O’Halloran: 1959 BSA A10 Golden flash
Jim Sharpe:           1972 BMW R75/5
Andrew Haydock:  1973 BMW 90/6
Huw Jones:           1974 BMW R90S
Wes Thomas:         1974 Ducati 750GT
Keith Graham:      1974 BMW R90S
Daniel Webb:        1974 Moto Guzzi V1000 Hydro
Colin Hinkley:       1976 BMW R100S
Antoinet Glazema: 1978 Moto Guzzi Le Mans
Bob Jackson:        1984 BMW K100RS
Elina Spina:          1986 Suzuki 250cc

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