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February 2011 Club News

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Annual Bring Your Oldest Bike Ride

Paul takes off - if that's the right word - on the HarleyThe day was overcast, windy and cool - ideal for old air-cooled bikes to be taken out of the shed for an airing. And a lot came out too, there were between 30 and 40 bikes of which the majority were older, and for a change more BSA’s than BMW’s. The oldest bike was Paul’s 1918 Harley Davidson with the majority being 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Bruce and Kylie borrowed a Moto Guzzi from Ronnie and Antoinet; Julie, also from Perth on the Shovel Sporty, Don and Margaret had arrived from Katanning and of course Daniel rode the Ariel from Bow River to Albany for the ride, by the time he gets home he’s done an extra 140+ kms.

Mike Hylund was the first to arrive of the Denmark contingent and Harley from Mt Barker - with yet another humorous Harley T-shirt - one advantage of having a name like Harley!

Two very different machines from roughly the same eraThe run to Youngs Siding was event-free and with the wind behind us it was very pleasant.

Wisecracks in the air about Bloody Stopped Again...When it was time to go I gave my BSA Gold Flash a kick and nothing happened - usually very reliable - what’s going on? Kick, kick, kick, nothing.

Bruce and Garry give me a push, when the huffing and puffing behind me got too loud we gave up on that idea. Take the plug out and no spark - funny, Daniel disconnects the kill switch wire to the magneto and brmmmm, fires straight away.

That’s a relief. I think the bike saw Bruce undoing the tail gate on the back-up vehicle. Thanks for the help gang.

Off again and a nice ride along the Lower Denmark Road, then Marine Drive to Emu Point. We were heading to Roe Parade, where we usually have lunch, but as we were arriving there were bikes going everywhere.
Apparently it was pretty windy there and it was decided to head to a nearby park which was much more sheltered.

By the time we arrived there were quite a few family members there to join the riders which was great.
Eventually everyone headed off, Ronnie was trying to persuade Bruce to go wave surfing with him which would have been an interesting sight, but Bruce did seem a little reluctant!

Thanks to Raelene for going back-up, did a great job staying behind everyone and the trailer wasn’t used either. Great ride with most probably more time talking than riding as usual.

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