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February 2011 Club News

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Jack's Trike and Trailer

Jack and his creation appropriately named CrikeyNow it might look like there’s a bike being rear-ended by a car with a strange canopy on the bac, but in fact it’s Jack Rowe’s trike and camper trailer. The front end is a mixture of parts with, I think, the basis an early Honda Gold Wing. The back half of the trike is the front of a Honda Civic car. Jack built the trike a few years ago and has ridden it for many miles.

Plenty of room for the important things insideAs you read on the centre pages he rode the trike and the home-made camper trailer attached on the Eastern States trip with Andy, Trevor and Steve. Unfortunately he had a mechanical failure and was stuck with only 1st gear. He then rode it back to Albany at 60 kms/hr for 2449kms - I’m sure that should go in some sort of record book.

He then hopped on his BMW trike and rode to Philip Island in time for the Moto GP.

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