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February 2011 Club News

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Cheynes Beach Ride

Harley with a t-shirt just made for himBeing as it was a drizzly morning I was surprised to see the number of riders and pillions turn up at Mercer Road. Having said that, Andy said the sky was clear on the weather map on the computer - still looked cloudy to me up above though.

But it turned out he was right and we had a great ride with a sparkling blue sea greeting us at a deserted Cheynes Beach. There were a couple of new faces on the ride including Kelly and Lee-Anne Payne, who have only recently joined the Club, although Kelly entered his Ducati in the Hillclimb enjoying the event.

The re-created Baker's Junction servoWe stopped at Bakers Junction for a break, its now under new owners (Ray Gerovich) and the place looks good, coffee tastes excellent and once again there’s fuel available.

Shading under a tree like a mob of sheep!Thanks Chester for going back-up, there were no break-downs, although I believe Jack Rowe lost part of his exhaust system on the yellow trike!

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