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February 2011 Club News

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Boxwood Hill Ride 2011

Story: Antoinet Glazema

Pics: John Mac

Cruising towards the StirlingsThere were about 40 motorbikes on the Amelup, Boxwood Hill and Wellstead ride.

Learning 'em where to rideThe weather was great and the riders happy to go on one of the nicest rides in the South West. We had a good run to Amelup where we had a coffee stop. Warwick was showing us the way towards Boxwood Hills where we stopped for lunch.

New Thunderbird having the camera prepped for ride
It was great to see a lot of members on the ride and to have a chat with members Ronnie and I hadn’t seen for a while. Most people went straight back to Albany and some stopped a Wellstead for an ice cream. This ride was one of Max Taylor’s favorite rides, I think most riders’ thoughts were with his family in this difficult time. (Web editor's note: Max died just before this ride, aged 87. Go to the last inspection day story and mouse-over Max on the Harley to see what he was riding 56 years before that.)

Although Ronnie and I didn’t know Max very well, we always enjoyed it when he was around. We always had a great laugh with Max and I never forget the first time we met him on a ride to the Stirlings. Ronnie and I were two up on our Harley Road King when suddenly this BMW comes flying past us. When we came to our destination we looked at each other in amazement when we realized it was Max riding the fast BMW!

Or the time we went to Collie for the races. Max came all the way to Collie with us and once there he turned the bike to go straight back to Albany. He couldn’t stand or walk for long periods of time so came just for the ride (about 600 k’s all up).

Max saying unprintable things about a HarleyLast year at the Inspection day we had another great laugh with Max when he arrived at the Bromilow’s on a Harley Davidson. Max wasn’t really impressed with this motorbike and knowing that Ronnie likes these American bikes, Max had a good time stirring up Ronnie.

It is great to remember these good times and we hope to have a future Max Memorial Run to remember him. Our thoughts go to his family and friends.

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