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December 2011 Club News

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 Wellstead Ride and Display

Ww were invited by the Wellstead Community to display our bikes at their Harvest Festival in October. They have been very accommodating with our use of their hall in the past, so it was a chance to return the favour.

The weather was good and 16 bikes turned out for the ride. Phil had brought his 650cc BSA down from Kojonup and it was good to see David on his 1929 OHC Velocette.

Busy dual-use
          car park.
The police were pointing a radar gun up Chester Pass Rd from the entrance of our starting point at the info bay to check on speeding motorists coming down Chester Pass Road - they were kept very busy.

Antoinet was riding the Moto Guzzi that Ronnie had just restored, and with a bit of clutch adjustment at Manypeaks it went as well as it looked.

Extremely shiny
Bill had brought his 1972 900SS Ducati out for the ride. It had only done 200kms since he restored it and it looked fantastic and it sounded good too as it blasted past me.

Bikes lined-up
          for display.
Actually we had a great mixture of bikes, most being older, although Chester’s Gold Wing and its sumptuous seats seemed to get the most attention especially from the Wellstead ladies.

Andrew’s always worried about getting left behind on his 250cc BMW and of course once he gets going we never see him again.

It was interesting to look at the stalls at the Wellstead Festival, the waffle stand seemed to be taking a hammering.

Great day, thanks Ian for doing back-up duties..

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