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December 2011 Club News

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 Motorbike Soccer, BBQ & Bonfire

Story: Antoinet Pics: Andrew

Battle is
A lot of club members were away on holiday. Some were in Bali and heaps of members were on their way down from Marble Bar, Denham or Perth. Others who would normally come down for the weekend had other commitments. Never mind we still had a great time.

Ross Williams and his family came to Torbay nice and early like Andrew and Wendy who had set up their Kombi van for the night.

The weather was absolutely beautiful; sunny and warm but not too windy.

Wendy’s daughter Joanne came down with husband Andrew and their sons; Louis and Joel. The boys have got their own little offroad bikes and had a great time racing around the paddock.

A lot of friends and neighbours came over and some more club members showed up in the afternoon for a cuppa and cake.

The boys had a game of soccer and it got pretty wild, Ronnie apparently flying over the handlebars at some stage. Everybody had a great time though and people who hadn’t played this kind of soccer before thought it was so much fun.

Flaming big
The barbeque was lit and it was time for sausages, chops and steak. There were some nice salads to go with it. After dinner we all headed for the bonfire, it’s always great to stand near the fire and watch the flames.

The blokes got the bikes out again complete with head torches if they didn’t have headlights. Ronnie lead them through the paper bark where it was still very wet and muddy from all the rain we had. Their clothes got covered in mud but they had the best time. I’m not sure if their other halves were too impressed to wash the clothes.

The weather had completely changed the next morning; rain and very grey. There was bacon & eggs for breakfast and lots of coffee & tea to go with it.

Finn, Ronnie and Joanne’s Andrew took off for a couple of hours to go dirt biking. We stayed behind, did some cleaning up, had more coffee & cake and Andrew got an obstacle course ready for Wendy, Louis and Joel.

Youngun gets
          covered in mud.
When the dirt bikers came back we had some lunch before everybody got ready to go back home. A great weekend, we hope to see you all next year.

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