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December 2011 Club News

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Breakfast at Two People’s Bay

Bearing in mind it was an 8 am ride and the weather didn’t look too kind, I was surprised to see the number of club members turning up at the info bay.

It was good to see some of the older bikes out for a run. Daniel rode in from Bow River and Harley from Mt Barker.

We headed straight to Two People’s Bay via Mercer and Nanarup Roads.

Italian V-twins
          to the front.
Once again the BBQ’s were sluggish, I think they must be maintained by the Noisy Scrub Birds out there as they were making a bit of noise, but nothing was happening.

Breakfast in
          the bush.
Eventually though everyone had cooked their breakfasts and were happily standing around socialising.
There was only a little bit of drizzle but not enough to spoil a great morning. We ended up riding up our drive a bit after 11am, a nice way to have breakfast and a relaxing morning.

Thanks Helen for taking a back-up trailer, much appreciated.

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