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October 2011 Club News

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Walpole BBQ Ride

Pics and story Antoinet

Between 25 and 30 people turned up for the Walpole ride. The weather didn’t look too good but everybody was in for a day of riding, socializing and eating.

We took Menang Drive to Albany Hwy and then Link Road. We went along the South Coast Hwy towards Denmark. Every now and then it started to rain but by the time we arrived at Bow Bridge our gear was dry again.

We had a stop at Bow Bridge and some other club members joined us. We took the North Walpole Road to Walpole and had more showers along the way. Some people stopped at the bakery to get some lunch and others headed straight away to the barbeque area.

Bikes all

We all ended up at the first barbeque area after the caravan park. A nice big spot where we could park the bikes.

Clive and Marilyn were busy talking with other club members while they were cooking their sausages. Suddenly we saw a crow picking up their plastic bag with big bread rolls! The crow took off into the tree but Andrew and Ronnie were very quickly following him and he dropped the bag into the bushes. The rolls were saved and enjoyed by Clive and Marilyn.

Ronnie said the noisy little scrub bird (this is what he calls Marilyn) was probably not noisy enough otherwise the crow wouldn't have come for the rolls.

Noshing time at

We had a nice and dry ride home. Andy, Trevor and Liz were coming over to our place to have a look at Ronnie’s latest project. 

Andy wasn’t too happy, he told us the police had booked him for speeding near Denmark. I wonder if more club members got booked, we will probably hear all about it on the future rides.

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