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October 2011 Club News

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Lake Nunijup Spring Camping Weekend

Story by Antoinet

Arranged around
          the inevitable campfire
About 20 people came on the camping trip to Lake Nunijup. We left the information bay in Albany at about 11.15 am to ride to Wellstead. We turned off onto Pfeiffer Road and kept going to South Stirlings for a lunch break.

Huw and Elina had come down from Perth and had bought Daniel Webb’s Moto Guzzi V50. Huw rode the newly bought bike and Elina drove the car. Chris did backup and Gary and Cherie Carlsen were going to meet us at the Lake. They were going to take their new campervan on the first camping trip.
We left South Stirlings and took Chillinup road to Chester Pass road where we turned off onto Woogenilup road to take us to Mt Barker.

We had a bit of rain near Barker where we stopped for an afternoon tea break. Ronnie wanted to go and do the tourist drive so he took us to the Muirs Highway, Boyup Road and Sturdee Road, back onto Albany Highway before turning off onto Nunijup Road.

When we arrived we saw some tents and campervans set up for the night. There was plenty of firewood delivered by the caretaker and the hall was opened. There were 2 fridges, a microwave, an urn, enough tables and chairs and a little barbeque.

Parked out of
          the weather
Most of us parked the bikes under the verandah and set up camp too. We had a bit of a wander and Bruce, Kylie, Clive and Dawn from Perth arrived a little bit later too. Clive had been stung by a bee, just under his eye. It didn’t look too pretty, hopefully he would be able to see in the morning. The caretakers came to collect the money and we thanked them for everything they had organized.

We got the nibbles and drinks out, caught up and enjoyed sitting around the  fire. Some of us had snags and steak on the barbie and others heated up their home cooked meals in the microwave. Bob got the guitar out and we enjoyed listening to him and singing along. I think the last ones went to bed at about 11 pm.

We had a bit of rain at night and early in the morning there was lots of noise from the birds and we heard dogs howling like wolves.

Cary and Cherie had a bit of a fright in the middle of the night. Apparently their van can be locked from the inside and then every door locks. Also the front doors with the keys in the cabin. There is a big piece of mash metal between the cabin and the van so they couldn’t get to their keys. Luckily Bob and Chris had bought their camp toaster with them. This was pulled apart so they could just reach the keys.

Getting brekkie
We had our brekkie around the fire and told more stories. Clive’s eye didn’t look too good but he could still see where he was going. We all packed up in the beautiful sunshine and we left nice and early to go back home.

The people from Perth had some kilometres to do but we were home by 11 am, enough time to get things done at home. A great overnight camping trip at a great spot. Thanks to Chris for doing the backup. 

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