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August 2011 Club News

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Anvil Beach Ride

The sunshine brought out over 30 bikes for the ride to Anvil Beach in July - the weather really was perfect.
First stop was Elleker. I was riding our 1951 500cc AJS which was making strange noises when I pulled into Elleker store. Looking down I noticed that part of the primary chaincase was white and hot.

Innards of the
          AJS chaincase exposed for red dog to check
After taking off the outer chaincase cover I could see that the shock absorber spring on the crankshaft had decided to call it a day. The cap washer (that holds the spring on) had spun as well, disintegrating, allowing the spring to try and exit through the chaincase - lucky we stopped.

Sombre faces as
          the AJS goes on the trailer
So on the trailer it went. Chris was riding the 650cc BSA Gold Flash, so I hopped on the back of that. After a while she’d had enough of me fidgeting and messing around on the back so by Youngs Siding I was on the front seat and Chris behind.

Happy crew at
          the beach
The road through to Anvil Beach is very scenic and on a day like today even more so with the estuary flat calm. We had lunch at the beach before heading back to Albany. Great ride, thanks to Colin for going back-up and bringing the AJS home.

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