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April 2011 Club News

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Peaceful Bay Camping Weekend

Story: Antoinet Glazema

Pics: John Mac

Good trick: rope on Huw's bumThis year the Club decided to go to Peaceful Bay for our camping weekend. We had the sites booked for three nights from Friday (which seems to be a minimum requirement on long weekends at most camp grounds these days). Eleven members took advantage of this and went out on Friday in 37C weather.

Bruce shows off his bedding equipmentSaturday was cooler when Chris and I went out in the late morning, Gary Carlsen joined us, we picked up Andrew, Ronnie and Antoinet on the way. After putting the tents up it was time for a relaxing late lunch.
During the afternoon more members and partners arrived eventually bringing the total up to 31. Some had come down from Perth riding bitumen roads and others gravel most of the way, but all enjoyed the ride. Rob Berryman who lives in Walpole came over for a visit.

We were camped in a great spot just next to the campers kitchen which we used to cook dinner that night, there were BBQ’s and kettle there. Trevor and Marg from Denmark came over, with Trevor saying that he was doing a gig in the park that evening.

So quite a few of our crowd took their chairs over to listen to Trevor who as usual was on form, as well as a visitor to the park who played a few of his own songs, all good entertainment in an ideal setting. We eventually returned to the campers kitchen where some were still sitting at 10.30 when the lights went out, but there were no noise police, having said that the campground was very quiet.

Next morning was a bit drizzly so the campers kitchen came in handy again. It was good to see Jeff from Denmark coming over for a ride as well as John, Jan, Reg and Clive. Great morning - nice and relaxing. It was Chris’ birthday, so Happy Birthday was sung and Alex brought over a couple of small cakes with candles. It was Ron’s birthday the day before too.

Mandatory fire for exchanging bulldust by...Six of us then headed over to Bow River for lunch, and later Huw and I went for a bit of a ride trying our different bikes out. It was then time to relax back in the chair again, chat and figure out the money. Daniel Webb rode over on his Ariel in the afternoon as well. Later it was time for a few beers and light the fire ready for the evening.

Two of our grandkids and friends came over and toasted marshmallows - remember doing that? When we paid for the sites the managers were very helpful and said they hoped we enjoyed our stay. Another great weekend.

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