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April 2011 Club News

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Cosy Breakfast Ride 2011

Food becomes more important than bikes for a momentThis is the ride that sorts out the early risers, especially when the weather didn’t look too flash. But there was a good turn-out at the info bay. There were some roadworks on the Lower Denmark Road, but Ronnie and Antoinet reported that the gravel was hard and not slippery, but it was decided to be prudent and take the Rutherford Road, missing the gravel hill.

Lot of gold here...The road turned out to be good, main problem is traffic coming the other way not sticking to the 40km limit and chucking stones up. Both the BBQ’s at Cosy Corner were working well, with plenty of gas which made a nice change.

Ducati 2-upThere were a few later arrivals and some members from Denmark and further afar riding directly there.
After a nice relaxing breakfast and sitting around talking for quite a while it was time to pack up and go. Unfortunately it did rain the whole way back to Albany - no wet weather gear and an open face helmet doesn’t help. But it was a most enjoyable morning, and it still left the rest of the day free.

Thanks to Chris for going back-up .

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