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August 2010 Club News

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Bob and the CX500 emerge from the gulleyAnother great trials morning at John and Maureen McKinnon’s. The trials circuit was once again laid out by John and surprisingly was dry, even after the rain that we’ve had.

Learnin' 'em the rulesHaving said that the weather on the day was perfect, and although we were down on numbers, with many members away for different reasons the entrants and spectators had a great morning. Riders were Linda Veale (Honda TL125 - provided by Bromilows), Jo Harrison (same TL125), Daniel Webster (Suzuki DR650), Tony Caramia (BMW R1200GS), Bob Boyes (Honda CX500), Bob Rees (BSA A10 650), Colin Veale (well-warmed TL125), Ron Allen (Voskhod 175?), Mark Rich (Suzuki DR650) and your web editor JMcK (BMW F800GS).

Jo came in a close second for best crashDaniel Webb was outright winner with Colin Veale and Tony Caramia equal 2nd. Jo Harrison was best female.

Linda with well-deserved drink after crashBest crash (male) was again Tony Caramia and best crash (female) was Linda Veale who put in a great effort.

John as usual presented bottles of wine to the winners. Thanks again to John and Maureen for a great day which included providing nibbles and salads to enjoy with our BBQ after.

Bob persuades the Gold Flash to turn

Trial ScoresheetTrial scoresheet

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