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August 2010 Club News

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Ride up Mt Barker Hill

It was a beautiful morning in June and there were nearly 40 bikes and more people turning up to enjoy the ride up to Mt Barker Hill. Phil and his daughter Jess brought their BSA down from Kojonup on a trailer to join in the ride and a large contingent from Denmark and surrounds turned up too.

Gathering at the shut shop?The bikes and 4 sidecars headed up Millbrook Road to Narrikup for a break first, although the Narrikup Store is now shut on weekends and then down Spencer Road to the Denmark-Mt Barker Road. Spencer Road seems to be improving all the time, there are some bumps left, but not as bad as it was.

On the way Andrew was a bit concerned about his 250 BMW and returned to Albany to get another bike and at the end of a long hill heading into Mt Barker Phil’s A10 nipped up seizing the engine, with help it was ceremoniously put on Chris Prescott’s trailer. Funnily enough my BSA did the same thing the previous year - another Bermuda triangle place to avoid.

Viewing from the hilltopMost headed up the hill for lunch, although some stayed at the two cafes in Mt Barker. On such a clear day the view from the top was brilliant, there are certainly a lot more houses up there now compared to when we used to run the Hillclimb.

After spending a while socialising it was time to return Albany. The Denmark boys heading directly back home. After Phil had put his bike on the trailer he tried to gently turn it over and yep it freed up, started and is running fine - the old bikes were made of solid stuff. Thanks to Chris Prescott for going back-up.

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