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April 2010 Club News

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Clay Target Shooting

Pit stop in Barker
A great day was organised by Colin Hinkley recently. After meeting at the info centre where Ronnie entertained us playing with the Yamaha’s carbies we headed up the Albany Highway to The Bakery in Mt Barker for smoko. They’ve got new premises now and worth more visits.

We then had an excellent ride through the Porongorups before heading down Chester Pass Road to the Clay Target Club. By the way Ronnie’s piece of wisdom for the day was “A day without mechanic-ing is a day not worth living” - may be a bit tongue in cheek.

Great premises, a BBQ was lit and lunch was cooked. After lunch we took it in turns having a go at shooting the clay targets. Five at a time were lined up with helpers for each shooter. Thanks Colin, Dave, Phil, Ben and all other helpers.

Git that UFO, Antoinet!
Good fun, with some potential Rambos amongst our crowd. The targets are activated by voice. Shout “Pull” and one shoots out. While Ronnie was talking in his usual quiet voice he was activating heaps of the red targets which were whizzing everywhere.

Shooting builds a healthy appetite
After we’d killed enough clay targets we headed back to the clubhouse where Yvonne had provided afternoon tea - a lovely surprise.

Thanks Colin (and your helpers) for a great day and thanks again to Yvonne for the cakes.

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