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April 2010 Club News

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Overnight Girls Ride 2010 (Heels On Wheels) Ride

by Raelene Blake

With due deliberation we had decided to get the show or bikes on the road earlier in the year for our ride, hoping to avoid the wet and cold weather we have experienced occasionally in the past.

Lined for inspection in their HOW shirts
We met at 9am at the info bay on Saturday 13th March, excited and looking forward to our annual overnighter. There were 10 of us, loaded up with gear, Chris R, Tammy, Jo, Meagan, Jeanette, Tanya, Sharon, Margaret, Jaye, Chris C & myself, we were meeting Chris Sainty and Pauline in Denmark.

Everyone had on their HOW shirts which looked great.  After a few photo opportunities, we headed off to Denmark to meet the others. A quick stop in Denmark and we continued on the Walpole for coffee, cake  and gossip . . . Then it was off to Pemberton, via Northcliffe, for lunch. The ride was great, the weather was brilliant and there was not a lot of traffic.

We had lunch at Jarrah Jacks. It was an interesting exercise getting there as there is 1-2 km of gravel to get to the vineyard with 2 rather identical looking entry points, this was none-the-less accomplished by all . . . more or less.  The setting is brilliant at the vineyard with lots of large tables and seats on the lawn, where we all headed. The restaurant was having an unexpectedly busy day so we had a long . . . lunch break, but our hosts were very appreciative of our patience and bought out baskets of wedges and 3 complementary bottles of wine to take with us as we were leaving.

Unfortunately the weather was deteriorating fast as we left Pemberton. We headed out past Karri Valley and to Stewart Rd, this is a great road as it is so wide and visibility is good. An opinion obviously shared by some riders we came across on jap bikes doing wheelstands and photographing each other! Boys being boys!

Tanya and Chris share heelsBy the time we were approx 20kms from Augusta the heavens opened and the remainder of the ride was very wet. So much for our manoeuvre to avoid the rain. We booked into the motel, dried off, made a quick trip to the bottle shop and then we all settled in for pre dinner drinks and debrief. 

In the course of conversation we all learned that Meagan had had a past career as a model. Why not with those long legs . . . anyway she informed us she had learnt to walk in very high heels, an art none of us could confess too. So we were most impressed when Meagan came out ready to go to dinner with the highest of high stilettos, bright pink and very sassy!

Everyone wanted to try on the “sassy pink stilettos”!  Which we all did with great hilarity. Photos to prove.
Unfortunately on the way to the pub for dinner, Meagan and the “sassy pink stilettos” parted company on Augusta’s less than adequate paving and Meagan had a very sore ankle for the remainder of the weekend. Hope it is better now.

It was a very quiet HOW night away and most had headed back to bed by 11.00
Tammy was having an early start at 6am and riding to Perth so she could fit in a race day on her Triumph Daytona 675cc at Wanneroo. She very quietly slipped out without waking anyone.

Invasion of Nannup
We had decided to fuel up and head straight to Nannup for breakfast on Sunday am. We left Augusta about 8.00 and it was a great ride at that time of day to Nannup, with only 1 emu being sighted on the way.

Breakfast was huge and yummy and the coffee brilliant. We then rode on to Manjimup via Graphite Road which is always a great ride. There were bikes everywhere by now as the Ulysses conference had finished in Albany and quite a few were heading off as well as a lot of local riders were out and about. There were more bikes on the road than cars.

Some of the girls needed fuel in Manjimup but we didn’t stop long and continued on to Walpole. Sharon and Chris S said goodbye here as they weren’t stopping in Walpole. Once again a huge amount of riders on the road, with varying types of bikes and trailers.

We arrived at Walpole around 12.30 as our “welcoming committee” was also arriving from Albany. Thanks for making the effort to come and meet us. We took over the café once more for food and coffee.

Tanya starting to worry what the initiation might be...
I’m sure Tanya relaxed at this point, as she had decided there really wasn’t going to be an initiation stage to the weekend and it was all pretty tame. Same may not apply to next year. Hahaha.

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