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April 2010 Club News

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Your Club's Motorcycle Inspection Day

By Bob Rees
Pics Bob and Chris Rees and John McKinnon

Neil checks John's BMW outfit - part of the fleet
April 11 was the day you took you bike to be inspected if it was on Concessional License or you wish to use it in the Hill Climb for example.

Ronnie descends on the Ron's Voskhod
Neil and Ronnie in Albany and Huw in Perth had a busy day examining a good number of Club bikes.
In Albany Robin, Antoinet and Chris helped with the paperwork, and Chris was on hand to renew memberships as well.

It was a good day in Albany with many members coming out for a look and a bit of socialising too. Neil will present a report at a future day.

Thanks also to Robin and Antoinet for providing soup and cakes, as well as hot drinks.

To see Max 56 years ago on his Norton International put your mouse over this image:

Max 56 years apart

Max had people laughing by being on a Harley instead of his now-usual BMW and by saying he had pre-arranged a search and rescue mission if he wasn't back by a particular time. More pictures of Max and his Norton 56 years ago on the Club Members Old Bikes page.


Some Club members who had their bike(s) inspected by our Club last year have not been in contact with Neil, Ronnie or Huw - please ring them as soon as possible.

The bike(s) might have been sold; off road for repairs; were inspected as Hill Climb or Trials bikes; or were inspected recently - but with a 2009 sticker. To be compliant you have to have a 2010 sticker. Ring now - this is important as the Club has to send a list to the DPI.

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