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April 2010 Club News

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Cosy Corner Breakfast Ride

We must have a lot of early risers in the Club as our Breakfast Runs are always popular, and this one to Cosy Corner was no different.

Robin and Neil with Aussie 'ats on
Again there was a great mixture of old and new bikes from Neil’s 1915 Rover to modern. We took a more or less direct route to Cosy as stomachs were rumbling. Being as there is no camping there at this time of the year, there was a good chance that there would be some gas in the BBQ’s - and there was - well in one of them anyway.

Ronnie and David do the housework on the barbie plate
Ronnie and David did a great job of cleaning it up before the mass of eggs, bacon and other delicacies were dished up. Good to see Mike and Gloria from Denmark arriving on the BSA. On such a lovely morning it would be a crime to let your bike have a lie-in.

Dave the Viking and Antoinet the Frisian (no offence!)
The return trip home was uneventful apart from being very pleasant. Thanks to Reg for going back-up, thankfully not needed.

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