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April 2010 Club News

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Camping at Coalmine Beach

A lovely spot and an enjoyable weekend, but have the noise police got worse.

Dunno why, but Bruce attracts the camera, he's so quiet
Not long after Chris and I arrived the new managers came over, introduced themselves and then said that there was to be no talking after 10pm! No music I can understand, but talking! This was followed by well, women are OK to talk because they talk quieter than men - they obviously hadn’t met some of our ladies ha ha.

Having said that Saturday saw a great turn-out of members from Perth, and Albany, so it was a good opportunity to get reacquainted with seldom seen members as well as some of the BMW Club from Perth.
Rob Berryman came over on another of his Laverdas to say hello.

Rob's Laverda being discussed
A couple of fires were lit and dinner was cooked to be followed by more socialising. Next day, as well as saying goodbye to some who were heading off, the majority of the stayers headed into Walpole for a coffee in one of the friendly cafes in town. This was followed by a  ride around the North Walpole Road ending up in Bow River before heading back to camp.

Rob Berryman invited members back to his place for a look at his bikes etc and for a coffee or drink - he’s a skillful bloke and has some interesting stuff. Back at camp a group of members rode out from Albany, unfortunately I missed them, but they would have had a good ride.

Ronnie spent the rest of the afternoon wind surfing, while others had a read or relaxed with the prominent march flies. Another five people turned up in the afternoon, and after a while I got the guitar out for a spell before dinner and more yakking.

Interesting backroads between Walpole and Denmark
We left early on Monday for a beautiful ride to Denmark for some breakfast before heading home.

A great weekend but the general consensus was to see if we could find a different camping spot for the same weekend next year.

Thanks Ronnie and Antoinet for bringing out and supplying wood.

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