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February 2010 Club News

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Strawberry Hill Farm Christmas Picnic

The weather didn’t look too promising, but there was a big turn-out of members and partners for the Picnic at Strawberry Hill Farm generously laid on by Gary and Cherie Carlsen (3D Catering) - what a great Christmas present for the Club.

Cool riders on the HillThe ride was out to Stoney Hill and then The Gap via Marine Drive. Unfortunately Phil and Lurline had trouble with the HT lead on their BMW sidecar outfit and while Lurl got a lift with Helen in the back-up vehicle Phil returned home with Andrew as security to replace the lead. The BMW made the trip OK on one cylinder.

Having done this though, Andrew and Phil were missing out on most of the drizzly rain which was coming down a little heavier at Stoney Hill. A few braved the walk to the top of the hill, but you couldn’t see much with the weather.

Cake and icecream and cream please...We decided to give The Gap a miss and head straight back to Strawberry Hill Farm. Gary and a couple of Club volunteers had put up a marquee and a couple of shade tents, chairs and tables on the lawn. Unfortunately it had been raining in town as well and the chairs etc were all pretty wet, so it was decided to have the lunch in the Strawberry Hill cafe instead.

Cherie had been hard as work and a fabulous smorgasbord of food was spread out as well as coffee, tea and dessert. It was much appreciated and Cherie and Gary were thanked with a card and flowers by the Club.

Where's the rest of that man? demands Jo.There were then plenty of volunteers to pull down the unused marquee and tents. A great day, much appreciated and thanks to Helen and Frank for doing back-up duties.

Ronnie was telling me later that the Harley was making a rattling noise as he was riding home to Torbay. Stopped outside his shed to open the door, started the bike again and there was a big bang. Turned out a valve guide had dropped causing a bent valve, although it didn’t damage the piston or cylinder wall.

Now does this count as breaking down on a Club Ride or not? I’ve copped a bit in the past from Ronnie with my BMW breaking down on a ride and feel I’m entitled to some revenge - ha ha.

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