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December 2009 Club News

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Wave Rock Ride

Story: Jo - Pics: Jo and Andy

Normally you're not allowed or able to park on a wavePatrick and Derek came over from Bunbury. Ken and Toni met us for tea at the pub then headed back to Perth. We met David at Ongerup and Brian met us at Hyden.

Lots of wonderful wildflowers along the way, which we stopped and looked at and took photos of. Weather was beaut on way over, lovely when we got to Hyden.

Lake King was majestic riding over the salt flats, for us that haven’t done it before.

Roadkill found out in the bush...No dramas on way over, but Jo got a bit stressed when her booked accommodation was given to someone else, and the caravan park was fully booked out (the lady was not “user-friendly” in Jo’s eyes!), though Chris Sainty did suggest we send her an enrolment form to the hospitality and tourism course at Tafe!

With Jo having no abode, Warwick nearly got lucky, but then again, so did Andy’s dog in the car! Finally, it was decided that Jo would share Chris’ double bed at the hotel. Everyone was very happy!

We all checked out Wave Rock, very impressed and well worth the ride. Great meal at the pub.

Now that's a caravan for the bush!Rode home and said our goodbyes to Brian, then to Patrick and Derek at Lake Grace, later David at Pingrup. Met one of the ‘policemen’ (aka Jim Sharpe) and his offsider, Max (aka Double Trouble) on our way to Pingrup. They joined us for lunch at Amelup, where Jim shouted everyone sausage rolls! Everyone was chilled through at this stage, bitter winds. Cruised home to sunny Albany, great weekend, great ride. Thanks Warwick!

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